Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission 

The mission of Odyssey Family Counseling Center is to empower families and individuals, regardless of income, to improve their lives by offering quality trauma and prevention-focused mental health, relationship, and substance abuse counseling in the community.



Our Vision

Accessible, quality community mental health



Our Values

Odyssey Family Counseling Center’s core values form the foundation of our work, and how we conduct our nonprofit business and mission:


  1. We believe the client’s health and best interest are of utmost importance.
  2. We believe in a family-centered approach to accessible service.
  3. We treat people with respect and dignity.
  4. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of “Best Practices.”
  5. Our service provision is strength-based and outcome-driven.
  6. We use resources wisely.
  7. We seek collaborations and partnerships that enhance service to the client
  8. We respond to changing community needs.
  9. We contribute to the body of knowledge in our field.


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